I Want to Vote for Clinton/Sanders

The way I see it, Progressives could win big with a Clinton/Sanders ticket.

Right now, as the people inspired by Bernie Sanders are digging into coin purses and checking under couch cushions to scrape together something to donate to his campaign, the Koch brothers, health insurance companies, oil-fracking companies, and big pharma are pouring a river of cash into every close congressional race in the country.

They want to make sure Congress remains in the firm grasp of Republicans, because then it won’t matter who gets elected President: no progressive legislation will have a chance to make it to the President’s desk for signing.

I’ve seen it happen too many times before. A candidate holds out hope for positive change, gets elected, then is called a disappointment because Republicans in control of Congress block everything the Democratic President tries to accomplish.

If Progressives want to see actual progress this time around,  then we need to vote for Hillary Clinton for President and Bernie Sanders for Vice President.

Let the two combine their campaign war chests now, instead of spending so much on fighting each other, and run a combined campaign against any Republican who gets in the way. Let them form a united front against the regressives, while Progressives throw support behind progressive congressional candidates across the country. If we can get Congress back under Democratic control, a Clinton/Sanders administration would have a chance of pushing through progressive goals.

While Hillary deals with whatever global or national crisis walks in the door each day, Bernie can focus on strong-arming members of Congress to get the votes needed to pass progressive legislation. Instead of being pulled in a hundred different directions at once by presidential duties, he could concentrate sustained energy on what he already knows best – Congress and the US economy.

And Hillary could hit the ground running in regards to foreign policy. Experience may not be everything necessary to do a good job, but it sure can save time when a person is being deluged with information about complicated situations. Hillary would be able listen to her advisors without being dependent on their opinions (as has happened in some other administrations), because as a former Secretary of State, she already knows the turf and has met many of the major players.

So my vote is Hillary for Head of State, and Bernie for Head of Getting Progressive Legislation Through Congress.


About Deanne E. Gwinn

Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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