What’s in a Title?

A title is a name of a project. So what’s in a name?


At least, that’s the information I’ve heard in course discussions about what producers look for.  The title needs to grab you, be memorable, give you a sense of what the show’s about.

For example, the project I’m now marketing started with the working title TRAIL FALL.  That’s because concept and characters come directly from a short story I wrote and registered in 2011 as “Trail Fall.”

During the course, feedback from others told me no one could figure out what that title meant, so — after considerable brainstorming — I switched the working title to MISSION METRO as sort of a nod to “Mission to Mars” in an attempt to let people know this is science fiction.

Then I attended a pitch-training event. The coach at our table let me know that MISSION METRO doesn’t cut it for a title.  MISSION TO METRO didn’t work either.  The coach wanted me to call my series “It’s My Planet” but I felt that gave it too much of a sit-com vibe.

I did more brainstorming, and finally found a title that got positive feedback from my little circle of supporters.  So, what started as a story called “Trail Fall” is now a pilot registered under the name MAP’S EDGE.

What’s in a title?  A lot of thought, brainstorming, feedback, and discussion — but usually not very many words.

About Deanne E. Gwinn

Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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