How to Support Our Troops, pt. 2

Approximate area and major clashes in which DU...

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One weekend there was a big “Support Our Troops” demonstration at Window on the Bay Park in Monterey.  I prepared for the rally by making seven or eight large signs that drew attention to the Bush cuts in veterans’ benefits, and the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU), and set the signs up on the other side of the boulevard so all the people across the street would be able to see them.  It was too much information for people in the cars passing by to take in, but I figured that the people standing across from me for a couple of hours would  be able to read and ponder what my signs said. 

I tried to get the TV news crew to get footage of one of the signs about DU, but a “real patriot” kept covering my sign with a big flag. I could not understand why someone who boasted that he supported our troops would try to keep the truth from them. 

The map that accompanies this post relates to the first Gulf War under Poppy Bush, not W.’s invasion of Iraq.  The thing to remember here is that everything on this map is still there, and has been added to ten thousand-fold by the DU used during W.’s invasion, which lasted years longer.

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