How to Support Our Troops, pt. 4

About two weeks ago I listened to conservative radio talk-show host Alex Jones interviewing Dr. Doug Rokke about Depleted Uranium (warning: click only if you are prepared to view graphic, disturbing images.)  What Dr. Rokke had to say was both insightful and disturbing – that the effects of DU contamination are now appearing throughout Iraq and among our veterans, that the radiological contamination of Iraq will be impossible to clean up and will affect the Iraqi people for generations to come, that our country will not be able to afford to treat the illnesses DU will cause in our veterans. 

Alex Jones listened respectfully, made comments that made it sound like he was truly concerned.  Then Dr. Rokke signed off, and Alex Jones immediately shifted his monologue to try to link the looming epidemic of problems caused by DU contamination to Obama’s health care reform initiatives and “death panels.”   


Get this straight, people.  George  Bush started a needless, senseless war and the world will suffer the consequences of that invasion for many generations to come.  But Alex Jones wants you to think it’s Obama’s fault because he has tried to reform a broken health care delivery system.  That’s Tea-Jerk logic for you.

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