Rachel, pt. 3

Many months later an organization in our local peace community sponsored another event, featuring Rachel.   A lovely, soft-spoken young woman, Rachel was the type of person you might call a gentle soul, someone you might expect to be a professional flower arranger, or watercolor artist.  She had come to talk to us about Judaism, and told us that she was in love with her faith, with the beauty of the holy day observances, and the Hebrew language.  She taught us how the very characters of the Hebrew alphabet held religious significance, that there was symbolism in the order of the characters, and that Hebraic words were thus formed from the faith. 

Then she told us she had gone to Palestine, to find out for herself what was happening there, and that what she observed was happening to the Palestinian people could not be found in the faith she so loved. 

Rachel had become a Jewish voice for peace.  That was the last time I saw Rachel.

About Deanne E. Gwinn

Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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