Outing the Robber Barons

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Today I heard talk radio’s Barry Lynn interview John Loftus, the author of America’s Nazi Secret, on his “Culture Shocks” program.   I haven’t read the book, nor have I heard of this man Loftus before, so I can’t offer my recommendation of the book , nor vouch for the author’s credibility, but much of what he said was intriguing. 

His main point was that the Robber Baron class of U.S. businessmen were responsible for helping to fund the Nazi war machine.  One small example I remember:   Joseph Kennedy (JFK’s father) bought stock in Nazi manufacturing from Prescott Bush (George W.’s grandfather).  Well-heeled families invested in the House of Saud’s Nazi network and Stalin’s reign of power.  Fascism was a good thing to the Robber Barons as long as it kept their businesses booming. 

A second point was that U.S. State Department officials helped many Nazi criminals escape to the U.S. after the war so the “intelligence” community (working at the behest of the industrialists) could draw on their skills and experience.  An editorial review said the book  “reveals how the U.S. government permitted the illegal entry of Nazis into North America in the years following World War II.” Of course, we’ve all heard this rumor before, but now a thirty-year ban on revealing the truth of it has elapsed, so Loftus is able to publish his full argument, instead of the government-censored story he gave us thirty years ago.

A third point Loftus made during the interview was that the Robber Barons of the U.S. were not motivated by anything as lofty as ideology, dogma, or principles.  They were in it for the money. That’s it.  Whatever brought them the most profit became their operating model.  They knew goods in Germany were being manufactured by slaves (imprisoned Jews and others), but that didn’t bother them as long as the profits poured in.  Doesn’t sound much different from practices of mega-big business today, does it?

Maybe it’s time to dust off the term “Robber Baron” and apply the title wherever it’s appropriate. 



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