The Kindle version of the Translight Trilogy is now available.  For details, click on the
cover images found on the “Books” page of this site.

I had three options for the cover images of the Kindle edition: ( 1) use the Amazon generic
“placeholder” image (a book, top half light and bottom half dark, with appropriate title and author added), (2) create a new image to upload, or (3) use the same images found on the paperback edition.

Since the information said Kindle does not yet display images in color (but they’re working on it), I was reluctant to use the paperback images. I don’t know how those photos would look in black and white.  Yet I wanted something more unique than a
generic placeholder, so I used Word to put together minimalist black-and-white cover
images.  These images by themselves may not inspire people to flock to Amazon to order the ebooks, but they are displayed on the same page as the more colorful, polished images of the paperback covers. These black-and-white images should help make the distinction
between the paperback and the Kindle editions, preventing confusion.  Also, I’m betting that where Kindle is concerned, people don’t spend much time looking at the cover image after they’ve purchased the download.  Kindle books aren’t likely to be displayed on coffee tables.

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Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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