Kindle-ing part 4

Useful URL’s:  = what used to be dtp (digital text platform) is now kdp (kindle digital platform).  You can sign in to create an account any time, but don’t try to do anything there until your ebook is ready for upload and you have all your bio and book blurb info ready. = April L. Hamilton is the Indie Author’s guru. Her book, The Indie Author Guide, is out in an expanded second edition. It’s clearly laid out, logical,
and detailed. Since the subject matter is subject to rapid change, however, some of the information is already out-of-date. The book’s website has a fix for that,  with frequent updates on new developments. Get the book. = website for one of the recommended free conversion programs (don’t download until you read my post about a glitch some users might encounter) = website for the other recommended free conversion program (there might be more out there, but I’ve only tried the two) = This is the self-publishing service provider I used to make my trilogy
available on, and elsewhere, as Print-On-Demand paperbacks.
CreateSpace also has a Convert-to-Kindle service, but it will cost something.  Also, April L. Hamilton does not recommend using that type of “Add-On” service from a self-publishing provider like CreateSpace or Lulu. She lists six reasons starting on p. 111 of her book.

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