Senders Genesis pt3

Two events that contributed to the Senders of Shaula were a
Tri-Valley CAREs  protest at the gates of the Livermore National Labs, and a protest at Vandenberg AFB.

For the Livermore event I took along a sign with the Senders
signature (<<?>>) and another sign that said something like “PU239
to you too.”  While we were there, my
son, still quite young, sat down in the dirt. Since I had been reading the
“Citizen Watch” reports about the radioactive contamination of the area, it
scared me, and I made a big deal about getting him up out of the dirt, loud
enough so lab workers inside the fence could hear me.  “You can’t play in the dirt here. You don’t
know what’s in it! Let’s go wash your hands!”

I don’t think that incident made it into the letters Jane
wrote to the President, but later when I was working on the screenplay, the
scenes at the park and the gates of the labs gave me places to work it in.

About Deanne E. Gwinn

Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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