The low-level stuff

Nuclear power plant "Kernkraftwerk Emslan...

Though the Senders of Shaula touches only briefly on the problem of environmental contamination with low-level radiation, that is going to be a major problem in many parts of the world from now on.  Due to the use of depleted uranium weapons in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places, along with the contamination from leaking nuke power plants in Japan, long-term exposure to low-level radiation is now a fact of life for millions of people. We need to stop the insidious cycle that spreads this stuff around.

Since depleted uranium is a byproduct of nuclear power plants that finds second life as a coating for military weapons that spread the low-level radiation far and wide, it’s an issue for both anti-nuke power and anti-nuke weapons activists.  We need to stop producing it and stop using it.

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