Today’s Questions From the Crate

This is from “Nucleus: A Quarterly Report From the Union of Concerned Scientists”  Volume 6 . Number 4 . Winter 1985 .

“The Three Mile Island accident, which gave the regulators an unusual opportunity to reflect and reform, has only marginally altered the operations and goals of the NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission]”

So, my questions: How does the Union of Concerned Scientists assess the NRC’s current response to the Fukushima disaster?  Will that have any bearing on decisions made about Diablo Canyon?

Another question: why did we let President Reagan gut funding to the Solar Bank (for Research and Development), while throwing tax money at nuke power R&D?  How much of our energy needs would currently be met by solar/wind/tide/geothermal if Reagan had instead thumbed his nose at nuke power and all those thousands of tons of radioactive waste it would produce?

Solar and other non-radioactive renewable sources of energy are finally surging forward. Why didn’t we let that happen decades ago?

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