Citizen Corporation Goes to Turkey

Location of Elazığ Province

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Citizen Corporation went to Turkey and started a delivery service.   Since Citizen Corporation wanted to take home lots and lots of money so he could buy another BMW, he didn’t pay his employees in Turkey very much. He didn’t care that these employees were very poor and lived in desperate conditions. He didn’t even care that not one of them owned even one BMW. 

Employees who were unhappy with low wages, over-long hours, no job security or benefits, and other bad working conditions tried to start a union so they could negotiate for better conditions.  Citizen Corporation fired every union organizer,  and encouraged intimidation by the police.  This made people in Turkey very sad and upset at people from the US.  Tell me, class, was this an example of good citizenship?  No it was not.  Bad Citizen Corporation!   

The United Auto Workers Union in the US learned about the abuse by Citizen Corporation and sent the fired Turkish employees some money and a message:   “We stand with you!”    Good Citizen Union!                      

“UAW Supports Victimized Workers in Turkey”   
Solidarity Nov-Dec 2010         

International Trade Union Confederation

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2 Responses to Citizen Corporation Goes to Turkey

  1. To quote the article by Vince Piscopo in the UAW newsletter “Solidarity” —

    “If a multinational U.S.-based corporation can violate basic labor and human rights in Turkey, it stands to reason that it will eventuallly try to do the same thing to its workers in the United States.”

  2. And in how many ways does this post pertain to the trilogy?

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