I had an interesting experience today.  I drove up to the nearby city to run a couple of errands.  It seemed everywhere I went I was meeting the same SUV, to the point that I figured it might be following me.  (There’s precedence for this: see the post “Surveillance” on my old blog dated June 1, 2010.  ) All I could tell about the driver from the distance was that she was grinning.

There’s something intimidating about the big anonymous car stalking you, even when the SUV is the color of clay.  Just look at how often that image is used in action/thriller movies – the unsuspecting protagonist skips up the steps to her front door while the big car with dark windows slides by on the other side of the street.  Unsettling. 

I don’t like being unsettled.  So on the way home when I found that same SUV behind me on the freeway, I slowed until it passed me.  After the SUV slid back into the right lane a short way in front of me, I pulled into the left lane, sped up and came even with the driver’s window.  The driver was a small young Latina, and when she saw me staring at her, her face took on an expression of stress, concern, dare I say fear? 

She was afraid of me?  Me in my own little car minding my own business until she kept following me me? 

(to be continued)

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