Intimidation, part two

I got in front of her and slowed again.  This time when she passed me I took a look at the young man beside her.  They were about the same age, nothing particularly remarkable about either of them. He also looked worried.  

It was nice to be able to put faces on the stalkers, but I wanted to know a little more, like location.  So now it was my turn to follow the SUV.  Although the SUV was at times ripping along far faster than I wanted to drive, I was able to keep them in sight since there wasn’t much traffic.  I followed them to a town on South 101, saw which exit they took, caught up to them at a stop sign, (and wrote down the license number), and let them lead me to the house where the young man got out (nice gnomes, but watch out for that speed bump.)  The young woman drove on a few more blocks and pulled in at a nice house with a joyful dog (I’d guess an Aussie, but what do I know?)  

I drove up to the corner, wrote down the name of the intersecting streets, and retraced my way back to the freeway.

(to be continued)

About Deanne E. Gwinn

Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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