Kindle-ing part 10

Start formatting

Highlight everything and change it all into one of the ebook html-friendly fonts
(Verdana, Tahoma, Arial – there might be others.)

Insert a ‘page break’ after the last sentence of each chapter.

Delete most blank lines between the end of one chapter and the heading of the next

If you want a blank line to appear anywhere within a chapter, put a blank space before the
paragraph sign

Highlight the title and use the’ title’ style to format it. If you don’t like how that
looks, you can make some modifications in the style settings – but don’t try to
get fancy. Remember, this is for an ebook reader , not a coffee table.

Don’t use many other formatting commands.  A boldfaced or italicized item here and there won’t skew the results, but an entire chapter or book in bold italics could cause a problem.  If your book has tables, lists, graphs, etc. you need more information than I can give you.

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Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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