Kindle-ing part 11

Adding a Table of Contents

Go to each chapter heading, highlight it, and apply one of the styles (heading 1 or
heading 2 are safest). If you right click on the heading style you can select
“modify” and make some judicious changes to create a heading that pleases
you.  But don’t get carried away. Remember you are stuck with html pickiness. Do not use this heading style for ANYTHING other than chapter headings.

Now use the Word program to insert a table of contents. Word will race through your
manuscript and pick out every line formatted with the chapter heading style,
and create a list. When you click Insert Table of Contents, a dialogue box
opens to show heading levels. For a book with only simple chapter headings, you
can ignore the levels. This dialogue box also has a couple other options.
Uncheck “show page numbers,” and check “use hyperlinks.”   If you CTRL + click on a chapter heading in the table of contents, it should take you to the start of that chapter in the manuscript.

Once you start using the conversion program (MobiPocket or Calibre), you might be given
the option to again “create a table of contents.”  At one point I ended up with two “Table of
Contents” pages, but the page the guide item jumped to had nothing under the heading.  This was the table of contents created by the conversion program.  I was able to correct this after I learned about inserting bookmarks prior to upload. Now the books have two TOC’s: the bookmarked Word TOC, and the Calibre-created TOC  (at the end of the book.) Since the extra pages don’t add to production cost, I don’t see any harm in having two

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