Kindle-ing part 7

Getting Started on the Conversion

What format is your manuscript in now?  .Pdf? .docx?  .html? .doc?

What you need to start the conversion is a sterilized .doc file. NOT .DOCX   –  So find
the source file you used to make the pdf of your manuscript, and save it as a
.doc (Word 97-2003). If you use Word2007, you can select Word97-2003 on the
“Save as Type” drop-down menu. Then at the top of the screen , the file will be
identified as being in “Compatibility Mode.”

After your file is a .doc file, make sure all your content is as you want it (I’m not
talking about images here – I know nothing about images). Now start sanitizing
by doing some deleting:

Turn off headers and footers

Delete the entire table of contents

Turn off or delete all page numbers (and references to page numbers.)
Ebooks change the size and number of pages according to the whim (or
near-sightedness) of the reader, so page numbers are irrelevant.

Make sure there is only one space after each period at the end of each sentence, not two

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Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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