Books currently not available

All my self-published books have been out of print (not for sale) for several months (a year or more? I’ve lost track.)  My choice.  The plan is to find representation for a more recent work, then maybe I can afford to deliver the earlier novels into the hands of a capable editor.  I was surprised to learn that several booksellers are offering the volumes of my trilogy at a grossly inflated price, and since the books are out of print, some of the booksellers are offering pre-sale.  I do not advise anyone to send them any money.  If the booksellers purchased any of the books from my print-on-demand printer, they probably paid about $3.00 per book.  So the printer makes $2.50, I might get fifty cents royalty, and the bookseller pockets close to $60.00 as pure profit.  If I do offer the trilogy as  print-on-demand books again, it will probably be as one volume containing the entire trilogy, and not cost over $33.00.  If I find a publisher, of course, things like pricing will not be up to me.


About Deanne E. Gwinn

Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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