This is confusing.  My understanding of print-on-demand publishing was that a reader orders and pays for a book before it is printed and shipped. That cuts down on the huge waste of trees turned into paper to print copies of books that end up remaindered.  It also reduces the amount of fossil fuel used to ship books that may never be bought.  That green factor was one  major reason I decided to go with print-on-demand self publishing.  Now I learn that various booksellers claim to have many copies of books I thought I took out of print almost two years ago. (I disabled sales channels at the same time.)  I never had any idea they had ordered copies.  Maybe I’m reading my CreateSpace dashboard wrong, but I can’t find any information on who ordered what when.  If they’ve sold any of those copies, will they let me know?  Is this whole thing done on an honor system?

About Deanne E. Gwinn

Writer: screenplays, fiction, poetry
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